Increased Sports Opportunities for Women

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:
Cal State U. Says in Report That It Has Increased Sports Opportunities for Women


Five years after settling a lawsuit that charged it with discriminating against female athletes, the California State University System is providing more funds, scholarships, and opportunities for participation in women’s sports, according to a report released by the institution Tuesday.

Most of the system’s campuses are in compliance with the terms of the settlement, and those that are not will be within a year or two, according to Ken Swisher, a spokesman for the system.

The changes are in response to a consent decree that settled a lawsuit brought in 1993 by the California chapter of the National Organization for Women. The lawsuit alleged that all of the system’s campuses were discriminating against female athletes by not providing enough money for scholarships for women’s teams, and by not offering enough opportunities for women to play sports. Cal State issued the report on its progress Tuesday in accordance with the terms of the 1993 decree.

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