Rally for Girls’ Sports

The benefits that girls derive from playing sports are numerous and by now well-documented. It’s likely you will see many of them articulated today, the National Women’s Law Center’s first-ever “Blog to Rally for Girls’ Sports Day.” But I’ll briefly restate a few of them just in case:

Girls who participate in sports are more likely to go on to college, and more likely to graduate from college.

Girls who participate in sports are less likely to use tobacco, less likely to take drugs, and less likely to engage in risky sexual behavior.

Girls who participate in sports generally have higher self-esteem and a positive body image.

Benefits continue into adulthood too. Girls who plays sports tend to lead better and more productive lives.

On a personal note, I’ve seen first-hand the positive difference playing sports has made in the lives of little girls and the grown women they later became. I also know women from the generation before Title IX, and know then what they missed out on.

I’m not one who thinks Title IX sacrosanct, and my hope is that someday it will no longer be needed, that it become obsolete. Regardless, I’m thankful for it and what it made possible. The good it has done for girls and women, and for society as a whole, is incalculable.