A Gear List for Intermediate Triathletes

Now that you’ve done a few triathlons, you’ve found you like the sport. If you’re starting to make some goals or considering a longer, Olympic-distance race, you’re going to be more concerned with comfort and speed.

That means you’ll be stepping up to some triathlon-specific gear. Here’s what you’ll need to get you to the finish line a little faster than before:

1. Triathlon Suit: These suits have a small cycling pad that dries quickly, provides some comfort on the bike and doesn’t interfere with running. You can even choose between a one- or two-piece suit.

2. Goggles: Any, as long as they fit.

3. Swim Cap: Usually provided by the race to designate which wave you’ll start in.

4. Wetsuit: Any wetsuit will provide extra buoyancy and insulate you from cold water. Triathlon-specific wetsuits offer even more freedom of movement while swimming.

5. Towel: You need something to wipe the sand or dirt off your feet before you jump on the bike.

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