Sport England

Sport England acknowledges the importance of college sports and the retaining and engaging of people of all ages in sports. The development of Active colleges, the Lottery investment ring-fenced program in order to benefit student in the further education colleges in England, is their latest development.
The main aim of this college sports program is to actively increase the regular participation in athletics and sports in further education of England’s students. The establishing of active colleges is in support and funding of colleges across the whole of England in order to push students to embrace college sports and ensuring it is part of their everyday lives.
Further education plays a significant role in colleges in the growth and maintenance of student’s interest in physical activity and college sports. The opportunities must be made available for all students to participate in any college sports that may interest them. A college offering top rated sports facilities makes sure that young individuals make a smooth transition from schools to colleges and press more young people not to drop out of school, but instead further their careers.
All learners must have access to any sporting facility in their respective colleges and they strongly advocate they value of college sports to communities and sporting partners. Opportunities must be available to young people in the opportunity to take up new sports or continue to play sports, which they did at school.
National governing bodies will invest into higher education in engaging students of colleges in social and intramural sporting activities. Over forty, different college sports programs invested in shows students play active sports in colleges and universities given the right opportunities. The lottery funded program for college sports is a legacy England wants to offer to all their students in order to receive a higher education while still enjoying their passion, sports.