How to Plan Your Softball Practices

To have successful practices, you must take into account the attention span and skill level of your players. If your playersare young and/or inexperienced they will have very short attention spans. You should then spend most of your time doingand less of your time talking.

My Players Aren’t Paying Attention at Practice

This is common to coaches everywhere, so don’t feel alone. Chances are, you’re probably talking too much and not doingenough. Or, if you feel you are having the players do a lot, they are probably doing the same thing for too long. We alleventually reach a point of boredom.

As a rule of thumb:

Younger Kids: Have them do a lot of different drills, and don’t spend a lot of time on each drill.
Older Kids: Can do fewer drills, while spending more time on each drill.

Kids, especially young kids, are kids first and softball players second. You will only bring on more frustration for yourself ifyou try to keep your players from chasing butterflies, watching planes fly overhead, picking daisies, or doing whatever otherthings kids are fascinated with.

Let your kids be kids. Insist that they be well-behaved and orderly, but create drills and practices that keep their interest andattention. Let them be kids. You be the one to change, not them. It is a lot easier for one person to change than it is for 15.

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