Should a College Athlete be Paid?

That is a big question among many athletes and fans as many feel college sports are in most cases bringing in bags full of money to institutions, clubs and managers so why not pay college athletes? Fans enjoy major tournaments such as the recent NCAA Basketball Tournament and Football season. It is statistically proven that College Sports generate more money than a National Sporting Association. An NBA player for example gets paid handsomely for his contribution of the revenue he brings in, while NCAA athletes do not receive a cent for the revenue they generate.
A free education is not promise enough as the amount of revenue generated by college sports are staggering. NCAA acts like a money-making business; therefor they should reward the ones that make it a profitable business. If NCAA refuses to reward college athletes then those students must be allowed to enter the professional game even though they are still at college. Unfortunately as things are at present, college athletes are not allowed to enter the professional ranks as colluded with NFL and NBA.
College sports are there for not necessarily a desired sport for athletes and being taken advantage of, but because it is a necessity. They were promised a free education and as result are also exploited by the sport leaders. NCAA does not want to pay its college athletes for the reason that athletes remain amateurs as amateur sport is defined as athletes competing for fun and not remuneration. Should that be the case, which it is then NCAA should not be able to rake in the massive amounts from amateur college sports is the argument of most individuals, companies and institutions. They are hypocritical is the overall consensus of those who feel that college sports and athletes should receive remuneration.