3 Volleyball Defensive Drills

The best offense is often a good defense. Here are three drills to improve your overall team defense and keep your opponent from easy scoring chances.

Bad Set Drill

Both teams get set up in defensive positions. The coach stands at right front like the setter (the setter is still in the drill, but just not setting). The coach tosses a ball to any of the hitters, making the toss either a perfect set or a bad one, forcing the hitters to adjust just like in a game. The rally is played out. Switch sides every 5 tosses or so.

Blocker Defense

Set up both teams in defensive position. The coach tosses a ball in to either side to begin. The middle blocker is not allowed to block or hit, they are only to cover tips. The outside hitters must tip at least 1 of every 3 sets. When covering their hitters, all defensive players should take an extra step in. Alternate the side the ball is tossed in and play a rally score game to between 5 and 10 points.

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