How to Reach Your Personal Goal

We all have some major event that we want to look exceptionally hot for, am I right ladies? Well, I had a major event one weekend and I wanted to look my best. I was sitting with my friend telling her how I know I’m in good shape, but I just need to spruce up my workouts. This conversation was on a Sunday and I had five days to feel good about myself. So, my friend Heather and I came up with a plan, we called it Operation Look Hot By Friday (OLHBF). Heather was going to be my workout buddy during this operation (we like to run with each other a couple times a week) so it only made sense for her to be a part of OLHBF.

We sat down Sunday night to go over our week’s schedule to make the official OLHBF plan. We both enjoy working out in the morning, so we decided to start our workouts at 5:30 a.m. every day. Trying to plan out what we were going to do, Heather mentioned how many workout videos she had and has never used. Our light bulbs came on. We decided every morning we would meet at my house (no later than 5:30 a.m.) do a 30- to 45-minute workout video.

Our next objective was what to do after work? We decided that for three days (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) we would meet at the gym for a 30-minute circuit workout. Wednesday was our fun night. Heather likes to line-dance, so she told me I was going dancing with her for our Wednesday evening workout. Friday was our morning workout, followed by a 5-mile run.

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