College Sports Scholarships Open to Students in U.S.

Sporting Chance USA provides young athletes an opportunity to develop their potential with the provision of sports and academic scholarships. Applicants from all over the world have equal opportunity in fulfilling their dream at athletics and sport with an academic/sports scholarship. Applicants with a strong academic and sporting background can achieve their goal, regardless of what college sports they want to concentrate on.
Track & field, swimming, tennis, basketball, golf, field hockey, ice hockey, rowing, water polo or soccer players stand a chance to gain a scholarship at top NAIA and NCAA Colleges in the USA by filling in an online application form or contacting the Head Sport Consultant, Phil Selby at Sporting Chance USA.
A College Sports Scholarship is completely independent from subjects which you can study with a sports scholarship. The U.S. educational system is known to be of the best in the world and while fulfilling a dream to achieve in athletics and sports, students will receive a world-class academic education. College sports are important to universities in regards to recruitment of outstanding athletes and college teams compete in various competitions and tournaments.
After an application, Sporting Chance USA liaises with an applicant’s school, college or club for the assessment of sporting and academic suitability for a university/college sports scholarship. If the report is positive, they travel to the respective school, college or club to watch the applicant compete in their own environment.
If an applicant is successful he or she will receive support and guidance, SAT & ACT preparation, NCAA & NAIA Eligibility registration, marketing to US Colleges and Coaches, guidance on US College selection, assistance with all application forms and a press release to the local newspaper of the applicant’s local newspaper.
Sporting Chance USA expands their business strategies and is the official supporter of English Colleges Football Association. Their aim is to work only with the best athletes the world has to offer and concentrate on quality rather than quantity. All regional, national and international trials from male and female soccer players at English Colleges will be followed by Sporting Chance USA throughout 2013.