Collage Sports Madness

Athletics and sports, especially college sports are one of the highest rating in the US education system and the question often arises as to who is responsible for the payment of the astronomic bills in college sports. Economic uncertainty and rising tuition costs puts astronomic pressure on tax payers and students at public institutions as they are mostly responsible of paying these bills.
Recent surveys and studies show that college sports spending are definitely not dropping and revenues cannot keep pace with rising expenses for administrative salaries, coaching, scholarships, facilities and several other costs around sports. The USA Today study reports that out of two hundred and twenty-seven public institutions, only twenty-two of them have athletic departments which are self-sufficient.
Athletics and sports departments are being subsidized by the schools and colleges and not enough money is reserved for academic departments, which causes a massive outcry from academic students and departments. The spending growth per student for athletes of public schools receiving athletic subsidies rose during the period of 2005 to 2010 to 61 %. On the other hand during the same period the spending rate of academic students only rose with 23 %. This is a massive difference and the differences are even more noticeable at public schools that have a Football Bowl Subdivision.
The annual student fees at public schools and colleges are forever rising and academic students does not realize that more than halve of their school fees are not towards their academic education advancement, but instead goes to the respective school’s intercollegiate athletic departments. A cost conscious student does not have much of a voice as there seem to be no way to ever increase academic spending. To call college sports a madness that is out of control is an understatement as every year’s rising college sports spending surveys and reports clearly display.